LATEST UPDATE: from Business Daily: April 4th 2016
Kroll to consider setting up new base in Nairobi.
Mark Simmonds Senior Consultant for Africa says only 25% of the “Looting of Kenya” report was completed.

Quote: “Kroll, however, said that they were yet to complete the forensic study into the systematic looting of Kenyan taxpayer funds during the 24-year reign of Daniel arap Moi.
“We were never allowed to complete the work. We had only done 25 per cent of the work,” said Kroll’s senior consultant for Africa, Mark Simmonds, in an exclusive interview with the Business Daily.
Mr Simmonds, however, declined to give further details, citing strict confidentiality rules.
Kroll is mulling over a plan to set up a base in Kenya as part of a wide plan to win local risk consultancy and business advisory deals, the firm announced last month”

(Business Daily April 4th 2016)

(Comment from the Nairobi Source : This fits very closely with our suspicions, this report is in its infancy, it hasn’t been backed up with evidence, analysed or reviewed. The filters and checks that occur in the later stages of any legitimate investigation are missing, and instead we have hearsay,  tittle-tattle and politically motivated mendacity.)



– The Source

It was pounced on by Kenyan politicians, Kenyan ‘civil society’, the media in Kenya and around the world, the ‘international community’ and academics. It brought Wikileaks international recognition and led the whistle-blowing site’s founder Julian Assange to declare after Kenya’s 2007 elections that it, “swung the election”.

Its publication probably did change the course of Kenyan history.

The ‘Kroll Report’ into high level corruption in Kenya is still held up as the definitive study into corruption in Kenya. But was the Kroll Report accurate? Why were some parts of the report not published? Why were there pages missing? Why were the investigations into some ‘targets’ not published? Who were these ‘targets’? Was the report as published the same report the Kroll delivered to the Kenyan government? Was it even a Kroll report at all? Who was really behind it? Who really ‘leaked’ it and why?

The Project KTM site investigates the truth behind Kenya’s ‘Kroll report’.